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Telehealth Visit

Telehealth Visit Provider Telehealth Visits’s team of providers offer telehealth appointments for consultations, sick visits and more. The same providers our patients meet during testing/vaccinations at our sites are available for follow ups or any questions/concerns regarding your health.

Telehealth Visits

Telehealth visits, also kown as telemedicine or vistual visits are healthcare services provided remotely using video or voice calls. 

These visits include a range of healthcare interactions, such as consultations with primary care physicians, urgent care services, and more!

Schedule a Telehealth visit with a Getuwell provider

Telehealth visits are being offered to patients who want exceptional healthcare, from the comfort of their home.

Book same day appointments through our website, and talk to a proffesional today!


Who can request a telehealth appointment?

Anyone who wishes to engage in a virtual appointment can request a telehealth appointment

What should I expect during a telehealth visit?

The provider visit will start with patient verification, and intake of symptoms and conditions. The provider will address and answer any of your questions or concerns pertaining to the reason for your telehealth visit. They can also offer any guidance on symptom management, vaccinations, etc.

How long is a telehealth visit?

The telehealth visit is as long as a patient needs. However, we do ask it be no longer than 30 minutes as the providers are also seeing patients at the testing sites.